How to Maintain a Healthy Headspace This Holiday Season

Each year, once the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, it signals the start of the whirlwind holiday season, and if you’re anything like us, the snowball of stress that comes with the most wonderful time of year. From meal planning to gift shopping and everything in between, the holidays can be as draining as they are fun-filled. To help you navigate the Christmas chaos and the Hanukkah hullabaloo, we’re sharing our top tips for maintaining a healthy headspace during the hectic holiday

Stay Healthy Through Sweater Weather with These Immune-Boosting Smoothie Ingredients

Can we be real with you for a sec? If you’re anything like us, you are just about ready to “BYE FELICIA” the hell out of 2020. From toilet paper shortages to killer hornets, and everything else in between, this year has felt like a real-life SyFy soap opera mash up, and it’s left us stressed the F out. Now, after months of chronic stress beating down on our immune system, we now get to face yet another curve ball: the annual circus that we call cold and flu season. So while these next few months


Globally, 153k tons1 of calcium ingredients are being formulated into nutritional supplements with 36% of the new product launches between 2015-2019 containing calcium in the form of calcium carbonate2. However, these other forms of calcium are limited and do not fully provide the body with what bones need for proper support. Consumers are generally aware that calcium sourced from milk is good for the body but it also contributes a host of other beneficial minerals that provide balanced mineral

Your Low Carb Diet Could Hurt Your Recovery After Surgery

As high-fat, ultra-low-carb diets like Atkins or the Ketogenic diet grow in popularity, we’re getting a clearer picture of the long and short term health effects of this style of eating. While many individuals see positive weight loss results from following a low-carb lifestyle, it’s important to evaluate the drawbacks. For example, certain populations, like for those preparing for surgery, a low carb diet could be dangerous & could stifle the healing process.

Our Favorite Products for After Surgery

When it comes to planning for surgery, you’ve probably run through all the “non-negotiable” items to have on hand after your procedure: things like various medications, ice packs, & antiseptic supplies to keep things clean as your wound heals up. But if this is your first surgery or the first one in quite some time, there are a few products we think make recovery more comfortable. Today, we’re bringing you a list of our favorite products for after surgery that you may not have thought of when pl

3 At-Home Exercise Tools to Kickstart Your New Year's Resolution!

It’s that time of year again folks! At Mend Well, we’re big fans of New Year’s resolutions that start before the new years! Today, we’re bringing you three must-have fitness finds that are not only inexpensive but also convenient to purchase! You can find all of these items on since we know scheduling workouts is hard enough, let alone planning to shop for equipment. For each item, you’ll find a lower and upper body exercise to help get you started with your own at-home hustle! You d

Recipe Remix: Healthy Holiday Treats

Is it just us or does it feel like the holiday season really ramps up about mid-September and runs steady all the way into the New Year? While we’re all about soaking up the festive fun, we know that holiday season often involves a hefty dose of sugar-laden goodies and calorie-bomb cocktails (we’re looking at you, spiked eggnog!). But, you might be feeling less than jolly when your favorite jeans won’t button. We know it can be difficult to hold back from dessert when everyone else is filling t

Fitness Before The Feast: 35-Minute Pre-Turkey Tone Up Workout!

The big day is here to indulge in an even bigger bird! That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite food-centric holiday, Thanksgiving! At Mend Well, we love to promote balance, which means we are all about enjoying a tasty turkey dinner, complete with all the fixings (including a sliver or two of our favorite pies). However, we also believe that a lovely thanksgiving meal is even more delectable when we’ve snuck in some quality activity and exercise prior to digging in. Since planning a workout a

Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for the Final Days of Fall

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s favorite festive fall flavor begins to disappear just as quickly as it made its seasonal debut. That’s right, we’re talking about the impending end of pumpkin-spice season that comes with the end of fall as we transition into the chilly months of winter. With just a few short weeks left to indulge our puckering for pumpkin-everything, we thought we’d celebrate with a pumpkin-filled post with healthy recipes that feature this squash super-star! And whi

Vegan Omega 3 Supplements & Sources: What Vegans Need to Know

Over the last few decades, there’s been a lot of discussion about the health benefits of Omega 3’s, and for good reason! These powerful fatty acids have gained mainstream recognition for offering up an array of wellness-boosting effects, ranging from improving our mental health to protecting against cancer. With these stats, it’s no wonder many of us have hopped on board the Omega 3 train and have made a conscious effort to add this nutrient to our diet and supplement routine. But while many of

Delicious Mocktails to Replace Your Favorite Drinks Before Surgery

When it comes to our health, most of us have the basics down pat. We know how important it is to eat our fruits and veggies, drink our water, and get our 8 hours each night. So, it’s probably no surprise when we tell you that drinking alcohol isn’t the best choice for our general wellness. While a boozy bev every now and again can definitely be a part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, there are certain times when it’s important to cut the cocktails out altogether, like before a surgery. If yo

The Best Vegan Multivitamin Doesn’t Come in a Pill

• More Americans are adopting a plant-based lifestyle than ever before. However, while a vegan diet can offer many health benefits, it can be difficult to meet all of our nutritional needs through plant-based food sources alone. • What are the vitamins vegans need but often lack? • What are the health consequences of not getting enough of these nutrients, and how to get adequate amounts in your diet? • Should vegans take supplements, if so, which ones are best? (5 Tips for Choosing the Best Veg

Ten Ways to Beat Boredom After Surgery

Nowadays, we all lead busy lives, juggling careers, family, friendships, and so much more! If you’re used to a hectic schedule, then the thought of taking time off to recover after surgery might not sound so bad. Cozying up on the couch with nothing but Netflix on the agenda? Sign us up! While a little R & R is often enjoyable, couch potato life does eventually get old. During recovery, many patients find that while their physical state improves, their mental health can slowly start to unrave

Natural Remedies for Scars After Surgery

• Healing from surgery is a challenging process, both physically and mentally. Once our bodies have had time to bounce back, many of us will face the task of accepting a “new addition” to our post-surgery appearance: a scar from our incision. • While there are several medical options to treat severe scarring, there are also many natural remedies for scars that can be found in nature (or your pantry!). • Today we discuss several natural ways to treat scars and how you can apply these remedies at

The Best Vitamins to Add to a Plant-Based Diet

• A vegan or vegetarian diet offers numerous health benefits, but also comes with a risk of developing a nutrient deficiency. • Consuming adequate levels of certain vitamins and minerals is more challenging on a plant-based diet plan. • Supplementing a vegan or vegetarian diet with micronutrients that are difficult to come by is the best option to ensure we're getting key vitamins and minerals. • Taking a vegan multivitamin is an efficient and effective way to fill in the nutritional gaps that

Exercise For Limited Mobility - Road to Recovery Workout Series

Has a surgery sidelined you from your usual sweat sessions? Or maybe a bout of bed rest has made you interested in fitness! Unfortunately, many patients experience some unfavorable side effects during the course of their surgery recovery, including weight gain and muscle atrophy. Both of these post-op problems can lead to more serious issues down the road, so what better way to hedge your bet than with a little sweat! Whether your procedure has you rocking an upper-body cast or scooting along w

The “Cool” Mom’s Guide to Back to School: How to Beat the Lunchbox Let

How can you be a cooler parent in the eyes of your kid? Well, you can own a cookie or cookie dough company, of course! Our incredible founder Denise Woodard and Rana Lustyan of Edoughble have come together for back to school season to give you their best tips to beat the #lunchboxletdown! These two lovely ladies are dolling out their lunchtime tricks AND their treats for an awesome giveaway! Scroll down for details below! Now, it's time to make your kids' lunches wholesome, delicious, and of cou
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